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One of the moms made an interesting comment while we were talking.

When he walked around behind me I knew what was coming but made no protest.I hesitated a little but eight kids, all begging can weaken any mom.So, I agreed and once again found myself seated in the kitchen chair with my hands tied in front and my ankles tied, while the kids danced and whooped in a circle around me.They were just a bunch of nine years olds having fun. Seated in a kitchen chair my hands were quickly tied in front of me and my ankles were tied together. About five minutes later I asked my son if he was going to untie me.The ropes were snug but with a little effort I could have easily gotten out of them, but I played along and pretended I couldn't. I didn't get out on my own because I didn't want the boys to know how easy it would have been.

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Being barely ten years old when I asked, I got the honesty of a ten year old in his reply. I also discovered the game was a very useful way of maintaining discipline at the den meeting.

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