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But with our ever-growing technology and our society’s obsession with social networking, it is possible that online dating just may become the new way to date.

It is free to use and gives the user detailed explanations of how they match people with each other.Why I had not considered dating Indian Men: It really all comes down to the fundamentals of any relationship: Communication, honesty, trust, acceptance and appreciation.There are plenty of open minded women out there who are willing to give Indian guys a chance. There’s not really anything you can do to change that either.Recently, online dating has gotten major attention because of a new show on MTV called “Catfish.” The host found a person online who he really liked, but it turned out to be a lie when he actually went to go meet the woman.Although he was heartbroken they soon became friends, and the host then starting helping other people find their online lovers.

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People can also comment on one’s posts or they could press the star, which is something akin to the “like” button on Facebook. I have two older sisters; one met her husband online, through Facebook,” said Andrea Valenzuela, a fourth-year student.

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