Carbon dating inuksuk

1902 A whaling ship captain, Comer purchased Igloolik Qingailisaq’s shaman’s coat.

Gauthier has been joined by three others on a hunger strike and the number of protesters has been increasing each day, with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Labradorians arriving at the camp.

I can’t imagine Labrador without it." Lake Melville is the primary hunting and fishing spot for Inuit in central Labrador.

The people here rely on food from the lake to feed their families, connect them with their culture, and pass on skills and identity to younger generations.

Its appearance calls to mind certain aspects of his encounter with the female spirit.” This coat is now in the American Museum of Natural History, New York (207). The artist remembered the names of many of the people involved.

1903 Northwest Mounted Police (RCMP) detachments set up in Canadian Arctic. Joe Talirunili (1899-1976) from Povungnituk made numerous carvings and drawings referring to this migration.

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But Gauthier says Nalcor must remove all plant life and topsoil to protect the lake.“It’s all or nothing," he says.

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