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Broadening the focus is key, because so many worship wars reduce worship to music styles.

People argue and even leave churches over conflicts about whether to sing screen-projected, praise band-led choruses or traditional hymns accompanied by an organ or piano.

Ever since Mark translated all Jesus' Aramaic quotations into Greek for his gospel readers, Christians have been looking for ways to explain the good news so their culture can understand.

A feature story about the genesis of "Discerning the Spirits." Cornelius "Neal" Plantinga Jr.

Quotes from classic and contemporary Christian authors offer a third strand of insight.

The team members modeled the principle of speaking in love.

The Lilly Endowment had the temerity to fund us," Rozeboom told the same symposium audience.

When the project began, she and Plantinga were colleagues in Calvin College's dean of the chapel office.

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