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I don't think there's anything negative to comment about the acting part as the other lead actors, especially Isabelle Huppert, were also awesome. Note that we are dealing with one very sensitive topic here, religion, and I can say that the movie did justice in showing the other side of the so- called antagonists.

Joined by Claudio Miranda, here's what they're showing: Pbl SV #Camerimage2017 K5w R8Zu A great evening last night at @thedppltd #Meet The Broadcasters event & pleased to share Sony's Catalyst Browse, Prepare & Edit has been awarded a certification by AMWA for HD File Reading…

The movie showed the other side of our Muslim brothers, as opposed to the usual perception of them being heartless.

Islam is one religion close to me and seeing how the movie accurately showed their practices and beliefs merits credit. They can't possibly paint Philippines in sunshines and rainbows when reality tells us terrorism is also around the corner. There's a scene of beheading but it isn't as bad as what we see in the news.

Finding myself caught in the middle of their tumultuous lives, I begin to see their complicated relationship from many different angles.”Sandy comes to realize that both Steven and life in America are not as ideal as she had expected.

But as she confronts many of Steven’s bad habits, he begins to change.

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