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Justice Gupta also answered the question whether the court by invalidating the exception will be creating a new offence which the legislature did not intend to make.“In my view, as far as this case is concerned, this Court is not creating any new offence but only removing what was unconstitutional and offensive.” Justice Gupta said: “if the husband beats a girl child and has forcible sexual intercourse with her, he may be charged for offences under Sections 323, 324, 325 IPC etc. This leads to an anomalous and astounding situation where the husband can be charged with lesser offences but not with the more serious offence of rape.” On child marriages, he said that “in the National Family Health Survey-4, 2015-2016…it was found that at the time of carrying out the survey in 2014, amongst women in the age group of 20-24 years, almost 26.8% women were married before they attained the age of 18 years, i.e.more than one out of 4 marriages was of a girl child.” He also referred to a report based on the 2011 Census and said that it “reveals a shocking aspect that girls below the age of 18 years are subjected to three times more marital rape as compared to the grown-up women.” Justice Gupta also pointed to the need for amending PCMA.The Act, said Justice Gupta “has been breached with impunity”. In the case of a minor girl child, good health would mean her right to develop as a healthy woman.When one guy films the video, the other guy comes on top of her and begins to bang her sexy cunt.Finally, he keeps his penis between her breasts and fucks her hot tits.

Her husband’s friends come to her home one day to have a party.

He added, “I think the time has come when this Act needs serious reconsideration, especially in view of the harsh reality that a lot of child trafficking is taking place under the garb of marriage including child marriage.” Stating that child marriages not only violated human rights, the judge said that it also affects the health of the child. This not only requires good physical health but also good mental health.

The girl child must be encouraged to bloom into a healthy woman.

All the four had too many drinks and feel very high.

But soon her husband receives a call from his boss and he had to leave immediately. Since they feel dizzy, they take advantage and makes her lie on the bed without any clothes on her.

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