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He continued, “It’s clear that it works, you have three kids, why would you not want to bring more of Heavenly Father’s sprits into the world? And this doesn’t even touch of the dates who asked me to go on a scavenger hunt, or to place ideas in a hat and pull them out for a fun date night. I’m not a child, I don’t need to be entertained, and at nearly 40, I certainly am not going to be giggly and effervescent about looking for clues to get to know someone.

Lets sit down like adults and have a conversation, over a nice meal, and share our world-views and opinions, and maybe a funny story.

One thing that will make a lot of difference in your closeness as a married couple, especially the longer you’ve been married, is continuing to “date” each other. Nelson pointed out that “couples need private time to observe, to talk, and really listen to each other.” Regular date night is an important way for husbands and wives to continue building their relationship through shared experiences and pursuing common interests together. If date night rolls around but you haven’t planned a date, then you’ll likely end up doing nothing. Between school, starting a family, and other expenses you may not have extra cash for extravagant date nights.This is evidenced in not only the messed up dynamic of dating I mention through my (admittedly particular) examples, but also in the formulaic expression of pairing off we see in LDS engagement photos, wedding announcements and in how weddings events are created (modest is hottest! (If you want the template, look at the LDS wedding boards on Pinterest) Outward markers become so incredibly prevalent that I fear we are losing the very essence of our individuality in the quest to meet cultural expectation and out-mormon the next guy.That doesn’t bode well for marriages lasting through this world, let alone into the eternities.When selecting friends for a group date, be sure to include at least one outgoing individual who will help get the conversation rolling. Be sure to leave yourself time to enjoy your outing. Until you achieve it, you need to view the search as a process rather than an event. However, no other term adequately conveys the same meaning.

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He looks at me, pleasant enough, and says “Well, what’s wrong with your uterus?

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  1. The ISBNs were not available for my quick examples. I think we can probably ignore the Paul Tillich article's example, since those small differences are probably an example of an editor's choice and (I think) are not as well punctuated as either of our examples.