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This is what’s known as a renewable portfolio standard, or RPS.As of 2013, 37 states and the District of Columbia had them.And there is reason to doubt that in 30 years Hawaii, which gets only about 20 percent of its power from renewables today, can ramp up to 100 percent.Nevertheless, we should have great certainty about the ability of any entity in America—a city, a company, a state—to substantially reduce emissions associated with electricity production, even in the absence of a carbon tax.In recent years, when utilities have posted requests for developers to build new renewables, they have typically found that the response has been overwhelming.Thanks to the interaction of federal incentives and state requirements, the U. now has large, robust, and aggressive renewable energy industries.And it encourages players to design financial and industrial systems that make sense. And when those markets develop, they allow companies to gain scale—which pushes costs down and spurs further growth.Hawaii was given the confidence to set such an ambitious target because of the success it has had in meeting its existing RPS, which calls for a target of 15 percent of renewables by the end of 2015, 25 percent by the end of 2020, and 40 percent by the end of 2030.

It sets up conditions under which utilities must aggressively seek out and negotiate with potential suppliers (or build their own).Nationally-coordinated policy plans would have to include targets and measures to boost the take-up of alternative fuels, said the Transport Committee.These plans should also provide for the supply of “green” electricity for electric vehicles and include targets for reducing urban congestion and deploying electrified public transport services, it added. Hawaii’s effort to become the first state in the union to have an emissions-free electricity supply is in large measure symbolic.Honolulu’s streets and highways are clogged with gasoline-driven vehicles, and will be for the foreseeable feature.

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For fast recharging, “Combo 2” connectors should be used, although for a transition period ending on 1 January 2019, fast recharging points may additionally be equipped with “CHAde MO” connectors.

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