Ridiculious online dating profiles

Have you tried online dating and been unsuccessful, or less successful than you’d hoped?

The following short article offers five quick and easy tips that might just make you a little more successful in your online dating endeavours. Hang around with someone slightly more attractive Being seen in the company of people slightly more attractive than ourselves tends to have the effect of making us appear more attractive, which is referred to as social profit.

The sequel is never as good as the original, but ya’ll loved the first post so much, we just had to imagine what some other favorite fictional characters would write on their online dating profiles.

Check out our second roundup of literary heroes and heroines looking for love in the digital age: Bartleby the Scrivener ( by Herman Melville) Profile Photo: Would prefer not to have one Location: Wall Street, New York About Bartleby: Mild-mannered, passive guy with minimalist needs.

Dying to go to New York to write for the stage one day, but until then I’m companion to my cranky Aunt March.

I detest being born a girl, having to sit around knitting like a poky old woman, and missing out on all the Civil War action.

Jo March ( by Louisa May Alcott) Profile Photo: Sitting on a picket fence with a book Location: Massachusetts About Jo: I love reading and writing books, putting on plays with my sisters, and wandering outdoors.Someone who thinks grown-ups are very strange and do silly things.Someone who loves sunsets and can watch the sunset 44 times in one day with me.This effect applies for same sex people appearing together, however when people of the opposite sex appear together, the effect applies only to males.So a male in the company of a more attractive female, will appear more attractive, but the same effect will not apply for a female appearing with a more attractive male.

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