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Associate of Arts Degree Major in criminal justice, 27 hours: SOC 101, 228, 244, 340, 345; SOWK 110, 233, 274, 275.SOCIOLOGY Baccalaureate Degree Major in sociology, 36 hours: SOC 101, 222, 228, 240, 305, 345, 440; 15 hours of electives in sociology (nine hours at 300 level or above).The impact of conflicting values, inequality and oppression on social welfare. Emphasis on enduring theoretical contributions as well as their application to contemporary social issues. Examination of the use of the criminal sanction in the United States, through major statutory, case and Constitutional law. Includes some examination of contrasting definitions of law and legal systems across time and cultures. 305 SELF AND SOCIETY - 3 hours Social psychology from a sociological perspective, examining the interaction between individual lives and social structure: How humans are created by their social order and how humans create social orders. 311 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - 3 hours Provides a theoretical framework and methods for the study of cultures. 345 CLASS, STATUS AND POWER - 3 hours Classical and modern theories of class structure and mobility used to analyze the forms and conditions of social inequality, primarily in U. Prerequisites: SOC 101 and junior standing or above. A set of guidelines is available at the Office of the Registrar.

Majors must successfully complete the senior comprehensive evaluation prior to graduation. Minor in criminal justice, 21-23 hours: SOC 101, 228, 244, 340; SOC 275 or SOWK 275; two courses approved by the sociology and social work department.

The sociology and criminal justice majors and minors are designed to prepare students to continue study in graduate school or to enter career fields such as public policy, human services, research analysis, community organizing, or law enforcement, among others.

Undergraduate specializations in sociology and criminal justice are designed with the objectives of either employment after graduation or entry into graduate degree programs.

Her classes in sociology helped her to see and understand how society and a community functions and her classes in social work highlighted how individuals in that community can come together to better the community and each other.

Katharine's involvement with the Meelia Center and Campus Ministry SBA trips gave her the chance to see and apply what she learned in the classroom in a real-life experience.

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