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In the case of your exes, he or she may not have been a good person for you to for you to date, but they are all sacred.Your behavior in this case would change because if someone asked you on a date, you would see them as sacred, and treat them with kindness – even if you said no to the date.Men will get just as much out of it because the journey to becoming a spiritual dater is the same for everyone: healing past hurts; opening the heart; setting the intention for and manifesting your ideal dates; and keeping the third eye (your intuition) open every step of the way — these are skills everyone can use to attract (and be) the ideal date.“As a medical intuitive and conscious dating coach for more than 10 years, I have seen many women and men struggle with dating in alignment with their hearts,” says Mercree.“I have witnessed the emotional and physical ailments associated with not honoring ourselves in our dating lives.” Amy Leigh Mercree knows her system works — it led her to the man she calls her “wonderful, amazing, magical husband,” and it’s also worked its magic for her clients, whose stories are included in the book.Your actions will even be demonstrating to your body how sacred you are!That conscious choice can actually resolve health issues in the reproductive and whole body arenas.Through lecture, sharing and experiential exercises, you will learn different techniques to increase your sexual capacity, your pleasure and your endurance.

In this workshop with psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova and guest speaker- Valera Rush, we be introduced to techniques of harvesting and directing the sexual energy, in order to achieve higher consciousness and deeper intimacy.

By Amy Leigh Mercree“Sacredness is the new sexual revolution,” says Amy Leigh Mercree.

“It is a new paradigm, available for your conscious choosing.” Mercree speaks to all who may feel alone in looking for something more meaningful and soul-honoring than frantic speed dating or doing random searches for other lonely folks online, and her words are comforting, encouraging, hopeful, and wise: “There are many spiritual people of all genders and orientations out there who are looking for something more, something honoring and sacred,” she says. And their numbers will grow.”Mercree’s soulful, practical, honest, and experiential guide to finding those spiritual people, through dating with your “third eye” wide open, charts the path for a real-life journey to whole, healthy, and satisfying relationships, no matter what your age, background, or sexual orientation.

A quiet sexual revolution is happening and it is called “Spiritual Dating.” You may be already doing it and not even know it, or you may be seeking a new, more conscious way to experience your love life and this may be your answer. In this case, sacred means special, a treasure, and worthy of respect and kindness. You would be recognizing your specialness and feeling confident in it.

Spiritual Dating means dating as if all people are sacred. The tenets of Spiritual Dating apply in the following three ways: You – You are sacred. You would accept only dates that resonated for you, and not put yourself in situations that didn’t feel right.

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Spiritual dating and sacred sexuality are a sexual and spiritual evolution. Share your stories and ask your questions here in the comments section.

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