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They both knew that the smile was fake and that she was mocking the residents that gathered around Derek almost all the time like he knew every answer to every question. It won't change how hard my life sucks right now" She turned her back to him and took a sip."I never stopped thinking about you" He looked at her back. Don't look at me like that" she told him."Like what? "I was going to, but I was paged and now I'm here again""I'm not going to do that sister thing again." Meredith sighed "I'm not good at it""You don't have to, I'm moving out by the end of the week." Maggie got up and left. So, please sit down, I'm sorry""I picked up my stuff from his place today after work" Maggie told Meredith."That explains the boxes in the hall. The older one is doing her residency at Seattle Grace Mercy West. it didn't start off all too well.""Did you tell her to stay out of her life? She's a lot like you -perky, bright and shiny.""You could call her" Maggie suggested "You got divorced from Derek, but that doesn't mean that you have to stop talking to your friends""I... It's not a good idea." Meredith insisted "You can stay at my apartment if you want"Meredith and Alex stood in the paediatric ICU and looked at their charts.

She stopped drinking, rolled her eyes and turned around. " he chuckled."Like you've seen me naked" Meredith mumbled and walked away "But thank you for the coffee... I guess that's more urgent than our little meeting""I'm getting fat. But it's fine, they can stay there- it's not like I could move them anyway." Meredith laughed "I had a sister -in Seattle. " Maggie laughed."I did actually" Meredith nodded."So it's not personal" Maggie nodded."No, you aren't this special" Meredith joked, but got more sincere immediately "It's just, I'm... Meredith had a few routine surgeries scheduled for the day. I'm a little late, I know I'm a little late in telling you that.

What does the father think about all those late nights? When his wife had been pregnant, he had been worried sick most of the time she had been at work."He doesn't know -he's in Seattle. You'll have her and you have me." Maggie smiled "and my mom likes you. It was uncomfortable for more than one reason."Well, there are not too many pillows around -and I don't look nearly as cute as you do, but I'll get him that morphine." the nurse told her. "Your hair still smells like lavender." He whispered. I"Meredith put her finger onto his mouth "Don't say it! I can't breathe if you look at me like that...""...

He doesn't know about the late nights." Meredith clarified. " Meredith looked surprised "You were willing to risk your reputation for me? " the resident who was assisting on Meredith's surgery wondered when all of their pagers went off. Unless they are already here, they won't get here" the nurse explained. Maybe she'll adopt you too.""I can't have sex with you" Meredith insisted. " her intern wondered."Yes, actually, we had a shooting during my third year of residency. Shepherd was shot, a trauma surgeon was shot, I took care of him, and another friend of mine has been shot. It sounded like you know him" the resident tried to start a conversation"Oh, we go way back. Meredith sat on the OR table to support his head."I still use the same conditioner." Meredith nodded."I like the smell." He smiled. He didn't exist anymore- his words – not hers."He's not in the picture so much these days." Meredith said truthfully and calm.

It felt like the best think she had done in the past 5 months. At least that's what my mother said." Maggie nodded "Just a reminder of the way you found air when your lungs didn't have enough to breathe. Shepherd" Meredith came into the room with a big smile and tried to imitate the admiring voice of her residents. He thought of the day she had come into his office and called him Dr. They had closed the blinds and had checked whether the table in his office was as stable as it looked. It had been the fourteenth day he had paged her to his office in the morning."What do you want? "You keep declining my proposals, don't turn this one down""It's this New York juju thing, is it? Addison had brought her coffee once."Are you going to accept it, if I say yes? He knew that she was trying to push him away; he sensed that he made her uncomfortable, but he was not willing to let it go."I guess" she nodded. All the things this Grey won't let me say.""You can say anything to me.""I want to marry you.

She tried to act as normal as possible around him –or as normal people would try to act around him. This was not in the cards now."Well, if you're going to act like some random surgeon with a God complex, I'm going to speak to you like one." She insisted "You paged me.""Mer, It's a beautiful day, isn't it? There was nothing like bad juju "Just give me the cup. "I'm not used to having one, but apparently they keep showing up.

" Maggie looked at her questioningly."Yeah, I want Derek's cake. But it wasn't her place anymore."I did and I might ask, but I know you'd tell me that you wouldn't know because it's your first time here" Derek turned his head to look at her. She could not quite decide whether it was a question or a statement. He needed to heal, and she needed to get over the fact that she had felt like she had gotten shot when they had brought him in."so do you" she nodded.

It was my first time but the people there make you feel like a regular on the spot.My feet are killing me." Meredith complained "Long night""You scrubbed in on the GSW? She knew that she had to tell Derek about Ellis-or about the fact that Ellis was his daughter."You think I should go" she sighed. Ellis Grey was this scary woman, Lizzie is this sweet baby" Alex chuckled "Your mom was way too intimidating"It was late at night. "Taking crap from your attending""By year 2 they all hated me" Dr. " Meredith giggled while they went through their logs."You have to go home, Dr. Grey, you need to learn that there are times when it's vital to wait." He smiled softly "Time's on our side. I'm injured and vulnerable." Derek tried to interrupt her, but she was overwhelmed by the situation."Do you know when we should have talked? " Maggie wondered."Yes -and you were asleep" Meredith nodded."I wasn't on call and it was great to sleep in my own bed." Maggie nodded."My bed" Meredith reminded her."Your bed. He brought coffee""Have you told your mom so you can move out? Her cole patient was waiting for her."Well, you have a lot to talk about" he reminded her. Meredith sat in a lab and looked at the blood results of 100 mice that had been inserted with a device throughout the past four weeks. When life was simple""You see, I have a hard time picturing you as an intern." Meredith laughed. I f we don't get it right the first time, we'll get it right the next time.""I'm worried about the scaring" she continued, but he tried to calm her down."Dr. I'm too good at being alone." Maggie said "All those nights in on call rooms""I lay awake last night. " she tried to get him to answer."Worked out fine, didn't it? Rough divorce." He told her and never took his eyes off her "I promised Mark to find a nice woman and bring her home as a date for Christmas" Christmas was only a few weeks away."And there wasn't anyone in Seattle? If he said what he wanted to say, she'd move away "You know, we don't have to talk about it""You needed to get away from the memory of me, didn't you? She knew because he had told her after his surgery, but he obviously didn't remember any part of their conversation "At least if any of the stuff Mark said is true""You talked to Mark? Mark had made a lot more effort than he ever had."Did you come here to forget me? She wasn't running."I needed a change of place and Alex threatened to kick me out if I didn't" she smiled."You and Alex?

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